Red Ribbon Week

Every year in October schools and organizations around the country unite to raise awareness and promote a drug free lifestyle. While honoring Kiki Camarena, a DEA special agent killed in the line of duty, the nations young people pleadge to lead a healthy and drug free life.

Hodges has a Red Ribbon Flyer to help with ideas. We hav new “drug free” products and slogans each year. This year we’ve added keychains button and two NEW slogans: “I have better things to do than drugs” and “The key to life: stay drug free!”.

I love the keychain buttons. They combines three great promotional components: useful keychains, colorful buttons and inspirational drug free slogans.  Kids will love the bright and colorful designs yet still get the important message conveyed in the button. Plus you can put your school or sponsor name on each.

 drug These two are my favorites designs! drug1







Read about the history of Red Ribbon Week  at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin website