Hodges Badge Company Wind Turbine


Core Sampling on Wind Turbine Site


After several years of research, Hodges has decided that it is time to move ahead with a project that will not only generate 100% of our power using the wind but be a great step to help the environment.  We looked into a large number of options in wind turbines and selected one that is about 190′ tall. It’s small in comparison to two other turbines that have been built locally: the Portsmouth High School wind turbine (336′ ) and the Portsmouth Abbey wind turbine (240′).

We invited all of our neighbors to an open house on May 14th to hear our plans. It was important to address any concerns that they might have. To our surprise and gratitude everyone in attendance seemed to have a good response.

Although construction of the turbine would be at least a year away we are still excited at the prospect. In it’s lifetime (25+ years) the turbine will reduce CO2 emission by 10,000 tons and return at least 30 times the energy required to manufacture it. That’s pretty substantial.

For more information on wind turbines go to The Wind Energy Association website.

5 thoughts on “Hodges Badge Company Wind Turbine

  1. September 22nd – time for an update on our wind energy efforts. Our application for a $225,000 grant from the RI Renewable Energy Fund was approved last night at their monthly board meeting!!! (Thanks RIEDC and the REF!!)

    It is now time to line up financing and board approval, and hopefully on Thursday, order the turbine. This is exciting stuff folks. I expect that within a month I will be posting photos of the site work on foundation work. Photos of the turbine will have to wait about 6 months.

    The knowledge that we will be 100% renewably powered is huge. This project that seemed impossible a year ago is now just 6 months away from happening – a really nice thing.

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  3. Pre-Construction work finally started on November 13th. A drilling/sampling crew from New Hampshire Boring came and cut a 28′ deep hole in the ground. They found bedrock at 28′, so we should be able to design a great foundation. Still working to select a vendor to build this project, and still hoping to be done next May.

  4. Hey Rick…..what an exciting project you are involved with. We are exploring wind power (test tower) out here on Peaks Island in ME….Vinalhaven Island/Penobscot Bay, ME just put into operation several turbines to supply all of their electricity. Good Luck!

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