What’s NEW in the world of Hodges?

Satin Centers!

Classic Satin CentersBy popular demand we’re now offering our rosettes with Satin Centers. (Basically our customers asked for it and we listened!)

I could spew a lot of marketing jargon but I’m just going to give you the straight facts here. This product speaks for itself.

 Choose your rosette style, decide on what text you want printed on your rosette and then design the Satin center.

The satin comes in the same 32 color choices as each rosette as well as the same 15 print colors.

Choose your own design or one from our 100s of stock designs.

There you have it –  a quality custom rosette with a quality satin center!

And to all of those customers who asked for satin centers…THANK YOU!  Your input and needs are what it’s all about.

Call Customer Service at 1-800-556-2440 for more info and pricing.

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