Is this the largest rosette ever made??

World's Largest Rosette?

World's Largest Rosette?

This is going the extra yard for your customers!

We were recently commissioned to make a REALLY BIG rosette.  I don’t know if it is the largest ever made, but it is the largest that we have ever produced.   The top measures 36″ across, and as you can see, we had to stand on the tables to show it off!  I am 6′ tall, so you can see that it is quite a bit taller than that.  If I can find out where it is going to be exhibited, I will add it to this post in case anyone wants to go see it.

The customer was really creative and had a bunch of great ideas to help with the project.  We don’t have any 12″ wide gold rims, but she found a clock in the local thrift shop with a gold edge, and we were able to use it in the center – after we put their logo in the center over the numerals that were originally there.  It looks really great and everyone in the factory was glad to have been involved in this very special ribbon.

March 22, 2009

Sheri from the Oregon State Pony of The Americas Club sent us some great shots of this rosette in action at the Oregon 2009 Horse Fair and Expo. Their display won 1st Place!


The Giant Ribbon we purchased was a Huge success in our booth”


2 thoughts on “Is this the largest rosette ever made??

  1. We would like to Thank Hodges Badge Company for taking on this tremendous task, the ribbon was thought up by Marti Gilbert and commisioned by Sheri Nash. The Ribbon is for the Pony of the Americas booth at the Northwest Horse Fair to be held at the Linn County Fair grounds located at 3700 Knox Butte Rd Albany, OR. Once we have shown off this beaitiful ribbon it will be shipped to the Idaho Pony of the Americas club for the Horse Fair in April. We are SO EXCITED to have such a great idea and addition be brought to reality. I would like to Thank Maria, Rochelle and all the others for the hard work and long hours put into making this happen and for not thinking it couldn’t be done. I never heard the word maybe, or we don’t think, it was always we can do it, we just have to figure how to make it and keep it up to the Hodges badge standards. THEY HAVE, Thank you so much, we love it. Sheri

  2. Last week we filled out the paperwork for the Guiness Book of World Records to see if this truely is the largest rosette ever made. We can’t wait to hear the results!

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