Tell us your story

Hodges Badge wants to hear your story!

Every month we will choose a story you send in to be posted on our blog.

Have you won an award made by Hodges? (To find out if its a Hodges Badge Company award just turn it over, our name will be on the back.) Send in your story and tell us about it. We want to know it all – how, where, when and what it really means to you!

Do you have an inspirational story of a recent Hodges award recipient? Share it and inspire other.

These stories are why we love what we do!

  • Email your stories to:
  • Make sure you e-mail subject line is: Essay
  • Include at the top of the page:
    • Your Name
    • Address and E-mail (this information will not be posted)
    • Name, Date and Type of event

Read April’s Story >>

*By sending in your story you are giving Hodges Badge Company, Inc. permission to post it to our blog.

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