Education is an on-going process

We wanted to thank Jim Farrell, Aquatic Director and Nina Milinazzo, Gymnastics Director of the Newport County YMCA for coming out to Hodges this month to train us on the YMCA swim and gymnastics events. We got a lot of information in two days that will help us to help our customers.


These two days of training are part of an ongoing program that includes every department from customer service to shipping. The program is to teach Hodges’ employees about the events that give out awards. It’s a win win situation. As customers, you benefit by knowledgeable employees. As employees, we can find job satisfaction in knowing we can do the best job possible and find motivation in the achievements that our products acknowledge. I know that may sound a little cliché but the fact of the matter is that we want to be the best awards company for both you and ourselves.


If you have any ideas on types events we should be learning about please send them to us!

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