What to do with your awards or ribbons

So you’ve won some ribbons. Ok, so maybe you’ve won more than “some” ribbons. The problem is now you don’t know what to do with them.  These ribbons are a treasured symbol of all the hard work you’ve put in and rightly so, you want to show them off! How do you do that? This a question we hear all of the time from our customers. We’ve come up with some great ideas over the years. Feel free to send us your own, we would love to hear them and pass them on!

1.      You can display them in shadow boxes. A good thing to do is create a card to place in the box with the event, the date and any special memory of that day or winning the ribbon. This will help everyone remember why that ribbon was special and share your memories. You can rotate the ribbons out when you get new ones or start a wall of champions with shadow boxes that will protect your ribbons from sun and dust. (You’re local craft store will usually have them for a good price.)

2.      A piece of old wooden fence – nice and weathered, provides a neutral background for rosettes to stand out against. Tack each ribbon to the wood. This is a great idea if you have several children that will continue to compete. As they win more and more ribbons you can look at building a small length of “fence” against a wall in the house and label off sections for each child.

3.      Hang a piece of wire from corner to corner of a room and hang them for all to see. It become a virtual “border” of ribbon.

4.      Have several strips of leather or belts from a decorative curtain rod and attach the ribbons going down the strip. You can always add to it when you need more space. Hang above the head board of a bed or just against the wall. 

5.      Hang a horseshoe with a strip of leather or belt hanging from it and attach ribbons down the strip.

6.      Make a display board out of two layers of foam core covered with cloth. Hang up the ribbons on the board with clear push pins or stick pins. If you want something really big go to a hardware store and cover a piece of hard foam insulation with fabric. Black velveteen for the cloth with look “high end” and holds a lot of ribbons.

7.      Purchase a grapevine wreath from a craft store and attach them all around the circle intermixing the colors. Attach to the wall or ceiling like a mobile. Make them into a quilt to either hang on the wall or used on a bed. http://www.ribbonrehab.com/

8.      Look for a used kick board or boogie board, cover it with fabric and display the ribbons with cute tacks.

9.      Hang medals or ribbons from display boards:  http://www.showoffawards.com/index.html

10.    Organize them in a photo album or scrapbook: http://www.awardkeeper.com/


2 thoughts on “What to do with your awards or ribbons

  1. I buy styrofoam wreaths from a craft store and hang each dogs ribbons on those. Each gets a ‘card’ somewhere visible on the wreath giving the dogs name and in some cases –the year for just those ribbons. Then I hang them in the staircase to my back entry way. Pretty way to decorate the walls!

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