No one ever thinks about the numerous other uses!


When I started here at HBC – not only did I have to learn all the staff, I was confronted with all sorts of products. Very overwhelming! After a few months, I started noticing the employees using the products as gifts in many different ways and it got me thinking. 

Custom Multicolor Sashes

Custom Multicolor Sashes


When it came time to find a way to include my older daughter Lily into the birth of our new child Erin- I was racking my brain for ideas. Think outside of the box! I decided to make her a sash that read “I’m a Big Sister!” Lily got it when she came to the hospital and was thrilled. She wore it for about two weeks straight. Everyone she encountered knew she was a big sister. Many people questioned where I’d found the sash. They were surprised!Even for living on such a small island, a few residents never knew what Hodge’s really did; or they thought that it was just for equestrian and athletic ribbons.


No one ever thinks about the numerous other uses!  Our staff uses our products as gifts constantly! Lisa in customer service made her husband a cloth banner with a picture of him and their son for Father’s Day.  Linda B in customer service had a silver frame engraved with a beautiful verse for her friend.  Jenn Hodges, the MIS manager had a picture of her friend’s son printed onto canvas.  SO BEAUTIFUL! 


Custom Canvas Print

Custom Canvas Print

Now with the Holidays coming, several of my friends and family members are considering giving gifts from Hodges. Not only are they economical, but they can be fun yet treasured surprises! 

Sarahbeth Alphonse

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