Not just quality awards, gifts too

Although I am a fairly new employee, I have become familiar with the various products that Hodges Badge has to offer but it wasn’t until recently that I realized firsthand what high quality work they really do. My mother was getting married in a week and I had no idea what to give as a gift. While conversing with a coworker, I was informed that the company creates a vast number of unique frames. Using dye-sublimation, I was able to choose a graphic that would encase the frame. I was also given the option to add text or make the gift a bit more personal. Not only did I receive the finished product in a matter of days, but it was affordable and of high quality. The frame was so beautiful that it sat beside the wedding cake for all to admire. Because of their exquisite work, Hodges Badge has obtained the business of several guests attending the wedding.

Kayla Kesson – Catalog list Administrator

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